Rice Bowl Homage to Sol LeWitt 飯碗尊敬給索爾·勒威特 2010

Single-channel digital video with audio. 2:42 min (Videographer: Jun Lui)

Sol LeWitt (1928-2007) – Conceptual art, minimalism.

“Take a white bowl, place it on a lazy-susan, using a marker, draw from the bottom of the bowl while turning the lazy-susan.”
2017    Chee Wang Ng: Chinese Diaspora - Beyond A Bowl of Rice.
                State University of New York at Geneseo, New York.
2013    Homage. Liberty Arts Contemporary Fine Art Gallery, Yreka, CA.
2012    SESC Arts Showcase 2012: Tactile Image: a moving images.
                SESC, São Paulo, Brazil. (catalogue)
           Rice Amidst The Cloud: Chee Wang Ng. Dunedin School of Art,
                Dunedin, New Zealand. (catalogue)
2011    Exchange with Sol LeWitt. Cabinet, Brooklyn, NY. (catalogue)

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