108 Global Rice Bowls 壹佰零捌個全球化飯碗 2008

Single-channel digital video with audio. 5:24 min (Videographer: Bob Geile)

Each clang corresponds to each of the 108 bowls, like a bell it pierces through emptiness of phenomena and enlighten the mind into awareness. 108 are the number of beads in a Buddhist rosary, a complete cycle of a prayer. Chinese diaspora diverse voices sing across the globe.

See presentation as Video Installation in the Installation section.
2017    Chee Wang Ng: Chinese Diaspora - Beyond A Bowl of Rice.
                State University of New York at Geneseo, New York.
           Lumen8. Staten Island Arts, ArtSpace @ SI Arts, Stten Island, NY.
           A Step In Time Across The Line: Recent Work by Chee Wang Ng
           Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art at Indiana University,
           Bloomington, IN (installation)
2016    Eat Rice Yet? - thirstDay No. 11. Vivo Media Arts Centre, Vancouver,
2015    The Economy of Food. Bronx River Art Center, Bronx, NY 
            Digital Native Film Festival. The Front, New Orleans, LA.
2014    Readymade@100, American University Museum, Washington, DC.
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            Object Focus: Bowl, Part 2, Engage+Use. Museum of Contemporary
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            The Arts Converge: Contemporary Art and Asian Musical Traditions.
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            Fertile Hybrids: Screening of International Artists' Short Films.
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2008    Crossing Art Present. Crossing Art, Flushing, NY.
            Back to the Garden: Daily Life to Spiritual Vision. Crossing Art,
                Flushing, NY.  (installtion and catalogue)
2017    Object #5. On the 'Chinessness' of Chinese Contemporsry Music
                by Jerry Zhuo, Cardiff University School of Music Blog
2014    Video Installation as case study in the class "Food and Art" at
                West Virginia Wesleyan College by Ellen Mueller.
2013    Video still as cover art for the book “Diasporic Chineseness after
                the Rise of China: Communities and Cultural Production.”
2012    The Best Documentary Short Non-Professional Film Award. The
Mid-Atlantic Chinese Film Festival, College Park, MD.