A Selection of Short Reviews

Chee Wang Ng’s signature bowls of rice, whether presented in glossy, richly colored photography reminiscent of Dutch still lifes with a Chinese flavor or as an installation of real bowls he has collected over the years, are food for though—and ravishing food for the eye.

Lilly Wei
Independent Curator/Critic


With a wide embrace, including eggshell porcelain from China and low-fire ware from Morocco, this exhibition is a fun, informative, indexical romp through the fascinating world of rice bowls.

Kóan Jeff Baysa
Curatorial Consultant


Chee Wang Ng constructs images that are metaphors in an over-arching discourse on identity, culture and modern experience. He uses light and form to transform space into narratives of complex dualities: physically and spirituality, presence and absence, familiarity and foreignness.

Victor L. Davson

Executive Director
Aljira, a Center for Contemporary Art


In an intelligent and discerning manner, Chee Wang Ng transcends literal time and place with his melding of traditional Chinese culture and avant-garde, modernist æsthetics. Ancient subjects and objects are presented via contemporaneous formats characterized by formal restraint serving to enhance richly sensuous visual as well as delectable tactile appeals.

Judy Collischan, Ph.D.
Private Art Consultant


I read your catalog and looked at the photographs long and hard. I think that the work was carefully conceived, with a strong conceptual impulse. The photographs are all the richer for having read the text. What variety in the essays.

Barbara Ellmann
Artists Circle, NYC