Eaten Your Fill of Rice?  食飽飯未呀?

A vernacular Chinese greeting similar to “How are you?” or “What’s up?
What is Chinese? What is being Chinese? What is Chineseness in today’s diverse global society?
The Rice, Bowl, and Chopsticks embody the symbolism, materiality, and mannerism of the culture.
The Chinese visual arts often use the 書畫 "Book and Painting" concept of reading the literal resonating with the pictorial for the contextual comprehension. Even uniquely Chinese ancient icons, characteristics, conventions of verbal pun, rebus, and homophone are components of the cultural dynamics to address and express current ideas in contemporary art.
With the raise of Chinese engagement with the world-at-large, issues from migration, to the diaspora, transnational, and the negotiating of Chineseness has gone beyond nationalities to the socio-political agenda of the day. The Chinese diaspora identity is the retention, sustenance, and trajectory of the minority tradition in the relevant narrative in our contemporary discourse.

The focus on Rice is not on mere foraging, for we consume what we inspired. Is a Bowl of Rice our elixir? Is the larger than life photograph of Rice a reflection or a prophecy? How do you nourish your inner spiritual hunger?
Do you know the Chinese, or inversely, yourself? Does it matters? Are my hopes and aspirations any different from yours?
Chinese consciousness dignifies, magnifies, and prospers in a new paradigm.
My Greetings To You!

Chee Wang Ng 吳子雲